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What I Learned Blogging in 2014

Thank you for reading The Runner Eclectic in 2014! In spite of my tendency to flit from topic to random topic in this blog, there are two things I’ve tried to do consistently: first, write about things — people, events, … Continue reading

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The Boy With the Fast Finish

I didn’t manage to see any new movies this Christmas, but I was curious to see how moviegoers and film critics would respond to “Unbroken,” Angelina Jolie’s adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s unforgettable biography of Louis Zamperini.

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From the Archives: Turn Back, O Man!

[December 2014 has been unseasonably warm and wet, with what has felt like several weeks of uninterrupted drizzle. In short, it has been pretty good running weather, all things considered. One benefit of having temperatures above freezing for most of … Continue reading

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Running’s “Tour-de-France” Moment?

Pulling up on her laptop, Joni scanned the headlines and message board threads and asked the reasonable question, “Is Running about to have its “Tour-de-France” moment?”

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Ron Hill — 50 and Counting

Ron Hill is one of the most accomplished runners living, and I, for one, wouldn’t think any less of him if he takes the day off.

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Skipping for Grown-Ups

I was home sick Thursday night, and that was a shame because it meant I was missing our regular Thursday night indoor track workout. Instead of hammering out  400s, 600s, or 1000s, I was mouldering away at home, imagining myself … Continue reading

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Love for the Triple Jump

“No credence whatsoever should be given to recent unfounded speculation regarding possible changes to athletics’ programme within the Olympic Games. While the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations were passed at last week’s session, no details or specific proposals have yet been … Continue reading

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On Saturday, December 13th, four of my CSU teammates plundered the prize table at the “Assault on Mt. Hood” cross country race, held annually at the Mt. Hood Golf Course in Melrose. It has become a tradition for members of … Continue reading

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Almanac – December 12

These days, as those of us in the Northern hemisphere are slouching toward the winter solstice, I find myself spending a lot of time brooding on small details in the celestial calendar. For example, today, December 12th, is one of … Continue reading

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The Great Dairy Joy Run

The Beer Mile World Championships have come and gone, and the republic still stands — albeit a little unsteadily, and badly in need of a designated driver to get home safely. The competition at the BMWCs was fierce and, as … Continue reading

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