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Ramble On, Thou Aged Runners

On Sunday morning, on a gorgeous spring day of bright sun and an emerald blush of new leaves on ancient trees, a crowd of two hundred aged runners took to the streets of Dedham, Massachusetts to race in the venerable … Continue reading

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Hopeless Love

These days, we no longer puzzle over the question of why runners run. That used to seem like an important philosophical question, but nowadays we’re awash in evidence that regular exercise keeps us healthy in mind and body, and that … Continue reading

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On Not Knowing How to Watch Boston

A few days ago, a friend asked me for suggestions on where to go to watch the Boston Marathon. It was an innocent question, and I wished I had had a simple, straightforward answer. But the question threw me instead … Continue reading

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Cheaters prosper quite often, actually

(Image: Scatter plot of BAA Marathon finish times by Bib number. Source: To say I have mixed feelings about modern Internet sleuthing to find Marathon cheaters is to put it mildly. On the one hand, there’s something absolutely fascinating … Continue reading

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For Whom the Digital Clock Ticks

Over the past few years, I’ve faced many training sessions and quite a few race days when I thought I couldn’t be more unprepared for the rigors ahead. Whether it was injury, lack of training, unwise choices leading up to … Continue reading

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Useless Things

In Spring, hundreds of flowers; In Autumn, a harvest moon; In the summer, a refreshing breeze; In winter, snow will accompany you. If useless things do not hang in your mind, Any season is a good season for you. – … Continue reading

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The Kicking Gene

I have to admit right at the start that the title I chose for this post is intentionally simplistic. Even among non-scientists like me, it’s generally understood that the old notion that there are single genes responsible for complex physical … Continue reading

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