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Remembering Jim Blackburn

Newton North Varsity XC at Franklin Park, November 10, 2001 “Once thinking I was destined to be mediocre at pretty much everything, the fact that [Coach Blackburn] believed in me made me more confident and driven than I’d ever been … Continue reading

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Roger Bannister’s Century

“Records are the bare bones of athletics, like numbers to a mathematician. Unless given a human touch they have no life, no appeal. Statisticians may juggle with them, some perhaps finding in their concentration on record figures a vicarious fulfillment … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Tom Fleming

“He was high energy, very empathetic, and had a remarkable ability to reach a wide range of kids, boys and girls. He didn’t run an easy classroom but it was a great classroom. Third graders who heard about him kept … Continue reading

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Remembering Ed Whitlock

“Where have all the heroes gone? They’ve gone with the simplicities and the pieties and the easy answers of another era. But that may not be all bad … not if our lack of such easy heroes can be an … Continue reading

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Miruts Yifter’s Legacy

  It was a pivotal moment in the history of distance running, and I missed it.

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In Memoriam: Colin Welland

The working title of the script was originally “Runners” — about as boring as you could imagine. In retrospect, the whole project seems beyond improbable. David Puttnam, who would produce the film, happened to be convalescing from a case of the flu … Continue reading

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Remembering Ron Clarke

“There was Paavo Nurmi, the greatest of the generation of Flying Finns, Emil Zatopek, who shattered notions about training and racing hard, Abebe Bikila and Kip Keino, the vanguard of the east African revolution. And there was Clarke. Clarke showed … Continue reading

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