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Julius Yego and the Finns

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Always Run Through the Line

  With all that’s happened at the World Championships in the last two days, writing about the women’s 10,000 is like writing about ancient history. It was so long ago — do you remember? It was the race when three … Continue reading

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The Race that Saved Track and Field (For Now)

(Photo: IAAF) The men’s 100m final at the 2015 World Championships was considered by many to be a battle for the soul of track and field, with Usain Bolt cast as the good guy, and Justin Gatlin (among others) cast … Continue reading

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Form Charts

In these dark days of professional track and field when doping suspicions hang over the World Championships like the pollutant-heavy atmosphere hangs over Beijing, what I’m about to suggest might be the worst possible advice for everyone involved. But I’d … Continue reading

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Four Minutes of Ugly

As a spectator, fan, coach, or athlete, races don’t always go as planned, and when that happens, you do your best to accept the outcome and move on. But I have a vivid memory of watching the TV broadcast of … Continue reading

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Arcs and Intersections

A couple of weeks ago, I went for two separate runs with students I had coached at Concord Academy. The first run was with Kyra, recently graduated from college (where she did not compete) and now returning to regular and … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Waiting for the Breakthrough

[My running log for the summer seems to show a negative correlation between my training and my racing; as I’ve ramped up the training, I’ve raced slower and slower. So it seemed fitting to republish this reminder to anyone building … Continue reading

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Your Move, USATF

“…you are required to wear the Nike Team USA apparel …. at all team functions throughout the trip, including at the athlete hotel, during training, press conferences, competition, and award ceremonies. Accordingly, please pack ONLY Team USA, Nike or non-branded … Continue reading

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Race Report: Bobby Doyle 5M

  Some races represent the culmination of weeks, months, or even years of planning. And some races pop up in the schedule at inopportune times, conflict with the demands of a busy schedule, and frustrate efforts at proper preparation. When I find … Continue reading

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