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In Memoriam: Tom Fleming

“He was high energy, very empathetic, and had a remarkable ability to reach a wide range of kids, boys and girls. He didn’t run an easy classroom but it was a great classroom. Third graders who heard about him kept … Continue reading

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Boston, be my shining star

Some things should be obvious. It should be obvious that the Boston Marathon is not like London or Berlin or Chicago. It should be understood that, above all, the Boston Marathon is a competition, not a time trial, a test … Continue reading

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Words to Run By

    Even as the constant cheers from a million spectators fill their ears and urge their tired bodies up and over the hills, runners in today’s marathon will be attending to other voices — the quiet but urgent voices … Continue reading

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Another few words about Boston

I hadn’t intended to write anything about the Boston Marathon this year. I found it hard to escape the feeling that everything had already been written, and by people much more dedicated and knowledgable than me. Since I had nothing … Continue reading

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A Long Walk into History

Walkers in the early stages of the 50K event at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Even as I write these words from Boston, home to world’s most storied footrace, across the Atlantic Ocean the IAAF is meeting in London … Continue reading

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Sharing a Beer and a Race with Old Friends

On Sunday morning after a week of cold, wet, dreary weather, the sun staged a triumphant return to Boston, blazing in a cloudless April sky. I imagined the sun laughing at us, “Did you ever doubt me?” The first gorgeous … Continue reading

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That Could Have Been Me

Fast Section of Men’s 1500m – Stanford Invitational, April 1, 2017 Last Saturday night when I should have been getting to bed early to rest up for Sunday’s long run, I was instead glued to my laptop screen watching the … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Snow on 4/1 Bodes Ill for Marathoners

Anyone who thought winter was done with us must have been surprised by the snowstorm that hit Boston on Saturday. Although in the end it didn’t leave much snow, it reminded many of the massive snow storm that hit the … Continue reading

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