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Book Review: Today We Die a Little

“He was, for two decades in the mid-twentieth century, the most celebrated sportsman on earth. Even now, he remains exceptionally honoured, with his own statue (one of only four) outside the official Olympic museum in Lausanne. Runner’s World named him … Continue reading

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Confidence Game

It has been a fairly quiet few days up here at the family cottage, overlooking Sawyer’s Cove, halfway up the Maine Coast. I had intended to share this time with Joni, but in the end she couldn’t make the trip, … Continue reading

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No Brain, No Train(ing)

  More great news from the world of science, and by “great” I mean news to make runners feel better about themselves. Writing in the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds summarizes recent research that links vigorous exercise to increased neurogenesis … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humidity!

The adaptability of the human body to environmental conditions is astonishing to me. As runners, we experience this as a year-round phenomenon, running in all sorts of weather that appears to others to be extreme, but is actually quite tolerable … Continue reading

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Why it Matters

Brenda Martinez edges out Amanda Eccleston for 3rd in the women’s 1500m final. “I was thinking, no matter what I have to get to the finish line […] Over the last two hurdles I thought, I’m getting over this and … Continue reading

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Above the Fray

“Was he of this earth? Could it really be this much of a joke to him, running this pace without a care in the world?” – John L. Parker, Once a Runner Another evening in Eugene, and another half dozen … Continue reading

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Zero Sum Game?

I think that, fundamentally, the difference between those of us who find value in organized sports and those who consider organized sports at almost every level to be a colossal waste of time comes down to how we see competition. … Continue reading

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The Olympic Trials – Day 3

Three days in, The U.S. Olympic Track and Feld Trials is reminding us all why it’s the most exciting, dramatic, and poignant track event of the quadrennium. Unlike the Olympics and World Championships, which are all about medal counts and … Continue reading

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