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Well Met on Battle Road

It has been a few weeks since all the snow melted from Battle Road, the five-mile long stretch of National Park that runs from Fiske Hill in Lexington to Merriam’s Corner in Concord. Although it will likely be another couple … Continue reading

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The Leader’s Dilemma

Photo: In spite of what you might have read on LetsRun, Edward Cheserek has nothing to be ashamed of.

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Why the Boston Marathon Needs Elite Runners

“When I was growing up, we would walk to Coolidge Corner for every Boston Marathon to join the crowds watching the runners. It’s a tradition that has been shared by thousands of families and visitors in the Boston area for … Continue reading

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Joni’s Run

“When people asked about her training I replied that really she’d been training since she was 4 months old, when we bundled her up in a Snugli and stood in the wet and cold on a day much like Monday, … Continue reading

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Third Time’s a Charm

Before anyone else knew — before his coach or his family or the crowd of curious onlookers who had gathered to watch the skinny runner thrash out miles on the fancy treadmill knew — Tyler knew that he was feeling … Continue reading

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Playing Hooky

It’s Patriots Day, which means playing hooky from work so I can go watch the marathon. I’m also playing hooky from the blog for the day. Monday’s post (a recap of Tyler’s amazing treadmill world record) will appear on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Into the Wild Grey Yonder

[To be clear, *I* am not running the Boston Marathon on Monday, but my daughter is, and that makes me almost as nervous as if I were doing it myself. Even though I know she is strong and prepared and … Continue reading

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On Hallowed Pavement

Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, and…  Hopkinton? Those six municipalities hold the distinction of hosting the starting lines for the six races that constitute the World Marathon Majors series. The first five are world-class cities, each a teeming metropolis … Continue reading

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Pub Race Report: Doyle’s Emerald Necklace 5M

Like uneasy sleepers waking up from a bad dream to find the morning sun streaming through the windows, this weekend the Boston running community woke up from its long winter nightmare to find that spring had finally arrived. At Doyle’s … Continue reading

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Spring Insanity

As I do almost every weekday in the Spring, I will leave my office today in the middle of the afternoon. And as I make my early exit from the corporate world, I will pass co-workers in their cubicles, perhaps … Continue reading

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