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Magic Workouts for Busy People

There has been a lot of research in recent years comparing the health and fitness benefits of small amounts of high-intensity exercise to the benefits of longer bouts of low-intensity exercise. The problem, it is said, is that lots of … Continue reading

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Olympic Sour Grapes

Opening the front page of Tuesday’s Boston Globe, we were greeted by a grim headline. The two-word verdict, rendered in a font size normally reserved for announcing national calamities, read “GAMES OVER,” and below it, there appeared a photo of … Continue reading

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Race Report: Lynn Rec Dept. 4 x 1-Mile Relay

On certain Friday afternoons in summer, it seems like half the cars in Boston head South to the Cape, half head North to New Hampshire and Maine, and half head West to the Berkshires, all of them clogging the arteries … Continue reading

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Book Review: First You Run, Then You Walk

“I don’t exactly wish to make the claim that running made me a grown up, but I know its arrival in my life coincided to some degree with my reaching that state of being. I started running rather late, right … Continue reading

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Eight Years Ago Alan Webb Ran 3:46.91

Whoa, has it been eight years already? On July 21, 2007, Alan Webb showed up at a small meet in Brasschaat, Belgium, and broke Steve Scott’s American record for the mile, running 3:46.91. I remember that when I first heard … Continue reading

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Happy to See Them Go: Dibaba, Rowbury Topple World, American 1500m Records

“Those cheering for the removal of the Chinese records are idiots.” – On the LetsRun message boards (where else?)

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Summoning the Spirit of John Ngugi

“It won’t matter unless he [Kamworor] decides to fulfill his destiny as the second coming of John Ngugi. If he won’t gap Farah, nobody ever will.” – LetsRun poster, responding to the news that Geoffrey Kamworor ran 13:13 in his … Continue reading

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Frightened Rabbits – How to Avoid Pacing Disasters

Imagine for a moment that you have been hired as a pace-setter, or rabbit, for a professional track meet. Unless you are one of the very few runners who have made a career of rabbiting (thank you, Matt Scherer), or … Continue reading

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With the World Watching, Scott Jurek Completes the AT

“There‚Äôs no trophy at the end… It is an amateur pursuit based on the honor system, and that makes it pure and unique in our culture.” – Jennifer Pharr Davis On Sunday afternoon, July 12th, after forty-six days of running … Continue reading

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Evan Jager AR in the Steeplechase

After a long day celebrating the Fourth of July followed by an excruciatingly slow drive through post-fireworks traffic, we finally got back the motel and prepared to collapse into bed. But then something made me pull out my iPad and … Continue reading

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