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And Then the Rains Came

A deluge of thoughts while sitting in a rain-soaked traffic jam on Route 128 North:

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The Clocks that Time Us

(Paavo Nurmi checks his stopwatch (1928). Image: Wikimedia commons) It was a fine fall morning, and a pack of us were trotting along at an easy pace along the smooth gravel trails of Battle Road. The chilliness of the early … Continue reading

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The Virtue Trap

In the field of Behavioral Economics, researchers study how psychological, emotional, and social factors influence economic decisions. Perhaps, in the end, it’s not that surprising to learn that our decisions aren’t the pure product of rational economic calculations only, but … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years of Attitude

“I need more practice.” – Don Pellman Perhaps you saw the NY Times article reporting on the record-setting performances of track and field athlete Don Pellman at the San Diego Senior Olympics last week. Pellman, who turned 100 in August, … Continue reading

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In an alternate universe, I ran in college.

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Sunday Afternoon Lights

  It was my own fault, I admit it. I shouldn’t have trifled with one of the holy commandments handed down by the church of perpetual mileage that Sundays are for races or for long runs, and not for track … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Should You Run When You’re Sick?

[Three weeks into the school year and it seems as though half the students have, or are recovering from, a bad cold. Every campus has its plagues, and ours is no different.  Although I profess no medical knowledge, all the … Continue reading

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What We Remember

Friday was the fourteenth anniversary of that strange and horrifying day. I was going to re-post something I wrote on the sixth anniversary of the day the planes were hijacked and turned into massively destructive weapons, but at the last … Continue reading

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The Cross Country Paradox

I don’t have a lot of time to write this morning, what with preparing for the afternoon’s practice and worrying about what makes sense for the sixty kids at my school who have shown up for cross country this fall.

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There’s another train — there always is

“You may feel you’re done — there’s no such thing; Though you’re standing on your own, your own breath is king. The beginning is now — don’t turn around; Regrets of bad mistakes will only drain you. There’s another train … Continue reading

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