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Cross Country, We Need to Talk

Cross Country, we need to talk. We’ve known each other for a very long time, been through a lot together… You were my first and favorite sport in high school. You were the reason that when I was just a … Continue reading

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Chillin’ with the Jets

In the rhythm of the training week, Thursday nights have always been reserved for something a little harder than a regular run. In late spring and summer, it might be a tempo run at Fresh Pond; in the Fall, it … Continue reading

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Supplemental Reading

There are times — last night was one of them — when I want the Internet to apologize for taking so much of my time and giving so little in return. Of course, I have only myself to blame for … Continue reading

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Race Report: An Ras Mor 5K

                Over the weekend I took another small step along the path back to normal racing, lining up early Sunday morning with 700 other shivering ectomorphs to participate in the “An Ras Mor” … Continue reading

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Of Records and Drifting Snow

Photo: Modern Survival Blog ( Last Sunday night, it snowed in the Boston area. Out in the ‘burbs where I live, the snow that evening seemed thin and without substance, little more than a dusting, and certainly not the two … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Tie Your Running Shoes

“Now up until that moment, I would have thought that by age 50, one of the life skills that I had really nailed was tying my shoes, but not so…”  – Terry Moore The first time that David Wilder told … Continue reading

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Off on a Tangent

On a damp and dreary morning back in early January, long before the winter of 2015 unleashed its 100 inches of snow on the region, Joni and I made a trip out to Hopkinton and ran back, covering the first … Continue reading

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From the (Dusty) Archives: No Excuses

(In a couple of days, I’ll be joining three thousand other winter-weary runners at the starting line of the New Bedford Half-Marathon. I haven’t run a race longer than 10K in well over a year, so I’m not expecting great … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wannabe Distance God

“See, what I called confidence then rings of cockiness now… The cockiness got smacked out of me over the years, but I’m not convinced that being brash and loathing to lose were bad for a runner striving for elite status. … Continue reading

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“Spring” Track

At Concord Academy, as at many private schools, spring sports begin in winter, at a time when fields are unplayable, tracks are unrunnable, and it’s still so cold outside that frozen fingers can’t grip the baseballs, softballs, javelins, and frisbees … Continue reading

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