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For the Love of the Sport

“2014 was kind of a statement win for you. You were unsponsored then, and that was pretty difficult. What has been the big motivational factor out here for you [this year]?” “You know just the love of the sport… The … Continue reading

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Pushing the Limits

“So here is where we are in track and field, back in an old familiar place to which the sport returns with dispiriting regularity, and seemingly evermore. Not just to storied Hayward Field (although there, too), but to a place … Continue reading

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Ordinary Rain

A much-needed rain fell on the Boston area over the weekend, starting Saturday night and continuing well into Sunday, the first day of Summer. According to local papers, rainfall was nearly two inches over a twenty-four hour period, providing a … Continue reading

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Candace Hill Runs 10.98

On Saturday at the Brooks PR (High School) Invitational, Rockdale County H.S. sophomore Candace Hill ran 10.98 for 100m, a National High School Record, an American Junior Record, and the fastest time ever run by a 16-year-old girl. That time … Continue reading

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Like Life, the 200m is Not Fair

Although my memory for such things isn’t terribly reliable, I am pretty sure that the old cinder track at my high school included an extension on both ends of the home straight that made it possible to run the 220 … Continue reading

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Remembering Ron Clarke

“There was Paavo Nurmi, the greatest of the generation of Flying Finns, Emil Zatopek, who shattered notions about training and racing hard, Abebe Bikila and Kip Keino, the vanguard of the east African revolution. And there was Clarke. Clarke showed … Continue reading

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On the Long Pond Fire Road

It’s mid-morning, and the early fog has burned off, giving way to bright sunshine and cool ocean breezes. I’ve heard rumors that heat and humidity are tormenting Boston, but that’s of little concern to me here in Maine where it’s … Continue reading

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On Vacation

I’ll be on vacation in Maine, and so the blog will also be on vacation until Monday, June 15th. In case you’re interested, here’s where I’ll be:

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Race Report: Senior Moments at the Adrian Martinez Classic

As kids, my friends and I never tired of imagining ourselves as major league ballplayers, throwing 95-mph fastballs, making impossible catches against center field fences, turning exquisite double plays. There was no doubt in our minds that we had major … Continue reading

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The Family Table

The irony was lost on absolutely no one that on National Running Day, ProPublica and the BBC went public with allegations and evidence that the Nike Oregon Project and Coach Alberto Salazar have been bending or breaking anti-doping regulations for … Continue reading

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