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Tanzania – Part 3: Monduli Juu

Running Log, 12/27/10 – about 12 miles, from Monduli to Monduli Juu and back, with Oju It may be that everything I have written so far has been motivated by a desire to write about the run I had on … Continue reading

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Tanzania – Part 2: Immersion

  Running Log, 12/26/10 — about 4 miles, out and back from L’Oasis Our first full day in Arusha was in many ways, as remarkable and memorable as any we experienced during the trip. And yet, when I describe it, … Continue reading

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Tanzania – Part 1: Early Morning

Running Log, 12/24/10 — 3M in early AM, usual morning loop Ann tells everyone that I hate to travel. I claim that this is an exaggeration, like saying that I hate Christmas or dinner parties… or any other endeavor that … Continue reading

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Tracking fitness? Use your head.

“So why is it that fitness technology is so alluring? Part of the problem is that relying on feelings seems ‘soft’ and open to manipulation… For that reason, fitness technology can be a valuable reality check to make sure we’re … Continue reading

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Solstice 2015

The Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice occurs at 11:48 p.m. EST tonight.., and I say, let the pagan celebrations begin!

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The Long Good-Bye

I envy people who know when it’s time to leave. I admire their resolution, their lack of sentimentality as they pack up their things and say sincere but prompt good-byes. They don’t linger at the threshold, prolonging the inevitable, but … Continue reading

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Club Nats is Where It’s At

The second weekend in December was the swan song for the 2015 cross country season, with three separate championship events taking place in San Diego, Albuquerque, and San Francisco. 

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Book Review: Feet in the Clouds

“When you consider the demands that the sport makes on strength, stamina, speed, and nerve, together with the constant risk of catastrophic injury, it’s curious that fell-running has never shown signs of evolving into a multimillion-pound sport with a global … Continue reading

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Beer and Running, Running and Beer

“Exercise provides a wealth of benefits to brain and body, and is regarded as a protective factor against disease. Protective factors tend to cluster together — that is, people who engage in one healthy behavior, such as exercise, also engage … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Commuter Dreams

[It used to be a dream of mine to be able to commute to my job on foot. But for the past 15 years or so, I’ve had jobs that placed me in remote office parks, and I’ve had little flexibility … Continue reading

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