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Stress Test

“This is cool,” I keep saying to myself. “This is really cool.” It’s Friday morning, and I’ve skipped work to be here, standing half-naked amidst hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical test equipment, with electrodes affixed to my … Continue reading

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From the Archives: The Gift of Gab

“Magpie, aggressive” by Alexis Hilton Hope – Own work. [At this time of year, fellowship is an important part of a runner’s life. I originally wrote this for David Polgar, a student at Newton North and former MA State mile … Continue reading

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Marking the Course: A Fable

Once upon a time, there was a young and successful cross country coach. She was intelligent and energetic. She devised training plans that challenged and developed her athletes. She was up on the latest trends in using strength workouts to … Continue reading

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Almanac and Race Report: Paddy’s Shillelagh Shuffle

This past weekend marked the decisive and final farewell to summer at our house. Bowing to the inevitable approach of winter, we finally turned on the heat, acknowledging that for the forseeable future our comfort would depend on the hot … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Those Who Run and Those Who Finish

[Last Sunday was the 30th anniversary of two of the greatest marathons ever run on U.S. soil, both in the same race at Chicago. The first was Steve Jones incredible wire-to-wire victory in 2:07:13. which still stands as the U.K. … Continue reading

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Race Report: Bernie’s Run 3M

Along with several teammates from CSU, I headed to Dedham last Sunday, Oct. 4th for “Bernie’s Run,” the fifth race of the six-race New England Runner Pub Series. Even with a leisurely 11:30 a.m. start time, the morning felt early. … Continue reading

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Almost Famous

“The marathon trials are the average runner’s version of the Olympic Games.” Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USATF.

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