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Not A Christmas Carol

[For K.D., of course, with apologies to C.D.] It was Christmas Eve, and the Ghost of Christmas Past glanced at the last name on his list and thought to himself, “This will be easy as figgy pudding.”

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Miruts Yifter’s Legacy

  It was a pivotal moment in the history of distance running, and I¬†missed it.

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Le Nord

I guess we’ve all had that odd¬†experience of waking up from a vivid dream and for a few moments having no idea where we are. I sometimes have a similar experience in real life, too, when after sleepwalking through days … Continue reading

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Field Guide to North American Tracks: Silver Spring International Middle School Athletic Complex

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Projects, Stunts, and Escapades

Maybe it was hearing Patrick talk about his streak of consecutive days running (which he chose to end just shy of one year), or maybe it was hearing Terry talk about his recent 100-mile week (“sometimes you need to change … Continue reading

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