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To the Class of 2014

Thank you, President Smith, Dean Jones, Distinguished Faculty, Parents, Relatives, Friends, and of course — those in whose honor we gather here today — Members of the Class of 2014. Today, we celebrate what you have accomplished and look ahead … Continue reading

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Suggestions for the Next World Relays

The IAAF deserves credit for innovating with the inaugural World Relays, a two-day track meet held last weekend in Nassau, The Bahamas that was attended by teams from about 30 countries. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, and the … Continue reading

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What’s Reasonable vs. What’s Possible

Photo: Brian Jenkins for the Burlington Free Press While Tyler was running his marathon in Vermont, I was four hours away sitting comfortably in a coffee shop in Concord, waiting for updates via text message. I had signed up for … Continue reading

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Wild Mice Like Wheels, Too

Apparently, if you set it up, they will run. “A pair of researchers in the Netherlands has found that if a running wheel is placed outdoors in a natural setting, wild animals will come and run on it…. Scientists, researchers … Continue reading

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A Little Training Lesson

“I was involved in an unusual experiment on one of my trips to the United States. A number of schizophrenic patients of the University of Wisconsin Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, most of whom were suffering from depression, were started on a … Continue reading

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The Coach as Teacher

The last remnants of the sunset were fading from the sky as I drove South on the Maine Turnpike Saturday evening. It had been a long day at the end of a long track season, and I was at the … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Vibram

On May 6th, Runner’s World reported that Italian footwear company Vibram, makers of the “Five Fingers” running shoe, had agreed to a settle a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company engaged in deceptive advertising when it claimed its shoes strengthened … Continue reading

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