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Hope Springs Eternal

My wife is not a sports fan. In fact, I sometimes think that her favorite “sport” is baiting me, which she does by calling my attention to articles in mainstream (i.e., non-running) publications that she knows will set me off … Continue reading

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What a Coach Wants

“My intention was what every coach wants—to advocate for my athlete. It was a physical race and when I saw the contact and the flag go up, I filed a protest.” – Alberto Salazar When the Wall Street Journal spends … Continue reading

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Race Report: 2014 USATF-NE Indoor T&F Championships

I woke up Sunday morning in a surprisingly cheerful mood. What was this all about? After all my complaining about February, what would account for this change of heart? Was it the sudden invasion of warm weather, the smell of … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of February

Denial Spring is just around the corner. February was snowy last year, so it won’t be snowy this year. There is no scientific evidence that a rodent can predict the duration of the seasons. Anger Oh, you went to Florida … Continue reading

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Why Kevin Will Not Like the Movie Adaptation of “Unbroken”

Laura Hillenbrand is a terrific storyteller. I loved “Seabiscuit,” and thought it remarkable how Hillenbrand was  able to create a compelling and moving portrait of a superb, but complicated competitor who, because he was a horse, couldn’t speak for himself. … Continue reading

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For the past week or so, I’ve had an odd image in my mind, a kind of half-memory, of seeing a small herd of deer come out of the woods and wander into the backyard of our house in Amherst … Continue reading

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e(Go): Measuring Relative Esteem of Olympic Gold Medals

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to watch certain events at the Winter Olympics without wondering about the relative importance of some of the more marginal sports. Well into my second hour of watching curling, I … Continue reading

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Two Marys

After Saturday’s New Balance Indoor Grand Prix meet, I had an idea for a blog post comparing the young Mary Cain to the young Mary Decker. Cain is a track prodigy, running world-class times at 17 and showing a mental … Continue reading

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No Shame

One Sunday not many weeks ago, I was out on a long run with a crew of CSU runners, a group that on this particular morning, included about a half-dozen men, and Amory, a mother of two. About a half … Continue reading

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Treadmills, have I been wrong about you?

Every so often when I’m in a reflective mood, I think about all the ways I’ve chosen to spend my time over the years, and wonder if those choices have led me to overlook activities that might have given me … Continue reading

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