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Red-Letter Days

There they are, prominent among countless undistinguished┬áruns dutifully┬árecorded within one’s physical or virtual training log, the workouts that tower above the rest like monuments. They are the long, long runs, or the special blocks, or the hardest track workouts you’ve … Continue reading

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No Brain, No Train(ing)

  More great news from the world of science, and by “great” I mean news to make runners feel better about themselves. Writing in the New York Times, Gretchen Reynolds summarizes recent research that links vigorous exercise to increased neurogenesis … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humidity!

The adaptability of the human body to environmental conditions is astonishing to me. As runners, we experience this as a year-round phenomenon, running in all sorts of weather that appears to others to be extreme, but is actually quite tolerable … Continue reading

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The Other Side

It’s a beautiful afternoon, sunny and warm but not too humid. My legs are feeling pretty good, and I’m not aware of any obvious issues to dim the prospect of a lovely run on the trails. All things considered, I … Continue reading

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Man with a Plan

Among the final, and not unpleasant, tasks of the spring track season was having a handful of one-on-one meetings with kids who wanted a plan for running over the summer to prepare them for cross country in the fall. Before … Continue reading

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A Slave to Pace

No doubt you’ve known people who are slaves to their running logs. You can always tell who they are, because they’re the ones who finish a run and then make two more trips up and down the street, or another … Continue reading

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Drew Hunter and the next era of H.S. middle distance running?

Photo credit: Did Drew Hunter just blow up high school middle distance running in the U.S.?

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