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Running’s “Tour-de-France” Moment?

Pulling up LetsRun.com on her laptop, Joni scanned the headlines and message board threads and asked the reasonable question, “Is Running about to have its “Tour-de-France” moment?”

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Looking for Scapegoats

PHOTO: JESSICA TEZAK/CHICAGO TRIBUNE When Rita Jeptoo’s “A” sample tested positive for synthetic EPO at the end of October, the shock wave was felt well beyond the insular world of running fanatics. Even people who knew little about running, and … Continue reading

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Drug Cheating Then and Now

I’ve been thinking a lot about drug cheating recently. I don’t mean that I’ve been looking for Xenon to inhale or contemplating shady Internet purchases for myself, I mean that I’ve been thinking about two recent news items, one that … Continue reading

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