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A few thoughts on failing (gloriously)

“[We] foster an environment where failing gloriously is just as honorable as succeeding greatly, where trying something new is just as respectable as setting a record, where the greatest thing we can accomplish isn’t necessarily winning at all costs, but … Continue reading

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Traveller in Two Worlds

    A week and a half ago I ran alone in the late afternoon, nine miles along the Reformatory Branch trail from Concord Center to Bedford Depot and back. A couple of days later I ran with the team, … Continue reading

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First Interval Workout

I don’t think I would have survived as a high school coach if I hadn’t, at some level, mastered the art of forgetting about previous seasons and starting over every September. That’s not to say there’s no continuity year-to-year, but … Continue reading

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Fun Run!

Running is a lot of things, but is it fun? In the first weeks of the cross-country season, when summer heat lingers, and no one has actually raced yet, our team organizes a 5K “fun run” for ourselves and for … Continue reading

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From the Archives: On Running Hard in Dual Meets

[The beginning of cross country practices and the post-Labor Day surge at work has made it  difficult for me to think clearly, let alone sit down and write. So with apologies for the re-posting, here’s something from the archives: a … Continue reading

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Confidence Game

It has been a fairly quiet few days up here at the family cottage, overlooking Sawyer’s Cove, halfway up the Maine Coast. I had intended to share this time with Joni, but in the end she couldn’t make the trip, … Continue reading

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The National H.S. 4 x Mile record goes down… to crickets

This will be a short post, but maybe of some interest to fans of high school track and field. A few days ago, my friend Josh alerted me to the fact that Flotrack had posted a video of the 2016 … Continue reading

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