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Japan Journal: Kyōtō

Gate at Nishi Hongan-ji temple, central Kyoto Ah, Kyoto, city of temples and trains, ancient capital city and elegant modern metropolis, surrounded on three sides by mountains and monks; home to three million strangers and Samaritan to one stressed-out American … Continue reading

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Japan Journal: Hiroshima

The former Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall, designed by Czech architect Jan Letzel, and completed in April 1915. The shell of the building is now known as “The Atomic Dome.”

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Japan Journal: Runs and Workouts

The morning sun shines in Otsu. (The sign says: “In case of emergency, break through here and you can evacuate next door.”) Friday, February 24 – finally, the sun came up bright and much more cheerful in Otsu. From the … Continue reading

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Japan Journal: Arriving in Otsu

Finding my way through the narrow streets of Otsu. In Japanese, there is a word — “semai” (狭い) – that means narrow, small, or confined, as in “a confined space,” “a narrow road,” etc. When I studied Japanese, I remember … Continue reading

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