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In Memoriam: Tom Fleming

“He was high energy, very empathetic, and had a remarkable ability to reach a wide range of kids, boys and girls. He didn’t run an easy classroom but it was a great classroom. Third graders who heard about him kept … Continue reading

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Boston, be my shining star

Some things should be obvious. It should be obvious that the Boston Marathon is not like London or Berlin or Chicago. It should be understood that, above all, the Boston Marathon is a competition, not a time trial, a test … Continue reading

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Another few words about Boston

I hadn’t intended to write anything about the Boston Marathon this year. I found it hard to escape the feeling that everything had already been written, and by people much more dedicated and knowledgable than me. Since I had nothing … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Snow on 4/1 Bodes Ill for Marathoners

Anyone who thought winter was done with us must have been surprised by the snowstorm that hit Boston on Saturday. Although in the end it didn’t leave much snow, it reminded many of the massive snow storm that hit the … Continue reading

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Remembering Ed Whitlock

“Where have all the heroes gone? They’ve gone with the simplicities and the pieties and the easy answers of another era. But that may not be all bad … not if our lack of such easy heroes can be an … Continue reading

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Japan Journal: Race Day

Ojiyama Stadium, Otsu, Japan — Start of the Biwako Mainichi Marathon — March 5, 2017 In the audio, you can hear me say that 77 seconds (for the first 400) is “2:12:30 pace…” It is actually about 2:14:30 pace. This miscalculation had … Continue reading

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Japan Journal: Final Preparations

Elite athlete interviews prior to Saturday’s technical meeting for foreign athletes I suspect that some of my readers — those who have patiently endured my travelogue so far — have not been distracted, nor have they forgotten that the reason I … Continue reading

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