Poll: How Often Should I Post?

I think you’ll agree that I’ve been doing a pretty good job of posting on a M-W-F schedule, but how long before I run out of things to say? And should I post less frequently but spend more time writing and editing the posts I do publish?

Rather than wrestling with this question by myself, I’ve provided a poll where you can express your opinion. Actually, this is just a transparent example to play around with the polling feature, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the results.

Vote early and often!

About Jon Waldron

Running and Racing have been important parts of my life for as long as I can remember. I ran Track and Cross Country at Amherst HS, back in the day, and am proud to have been training and competing with the Cambridge Sports Union (CSU) for more than thirty years. If my bones hold out, I hope to continue for another thirty. Sixteen years ago, I began coaching, first as an Asst. Coach at Newton North HS in Newton, MA, and for the past ten years, as Head Track and Cross Country Coach at Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts. I've been writing about running for almost as long as I've been running, dating back to high school, when I would write meet summaries for the Amherst Record for about $0.33 per column inch. I've been blogging about running since 2005, and began blogging at "the runner eclectic" in 2014. Until recently I also had a day job, working full-time as a Technical Product Manager for Nuance Communications, based in Burlington, MA. But I am now on what might turn out to be a permanent sabbatical. Thank you for reading my blog, and please consider leaving a comment.
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1 Response to Poll: How Often Should I Post?

  1. Robin says:

    Or, possible suggestion — if you get tired of doing three new posts each week, you could occasionally bring back a “best of” from previous blogs. They do it all the time on NPR.

    Thanks to the nor’easter currently winding down, I ran on soft fresh snow this morning and was thinking that you’d written something along the lines of “the seduction of the soft”. Even though I was going slowly, with short strides for more stability, I could feel the kinetic energy being drained away with each foot plant. That’s my rationale, anyway, for calling it a trail run instead of a junk run.

    I also liked the one when you spontaneously decided one morning to run a marathon that day.

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