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Wind Chilled

“Undoubtedly wind chill is a very real phenomenon that can have a dramatic impact on our bodies. It is, however, a parameter which has huge variation from person to person and depends significantly on how we dress, what our environment … Continue reading

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The Rules for Running Logs

It’s a new year, and for many people the beginning of January offers an opportunity to spend some extra time thinking about the ol’ running log. Maybe you’re someone who likes to review the previous year’s training. Or maybe you’ve … Continue reading

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Can Any ‘Normal’ Man Run a 2:30 Marathon?

“Any ‘Normal’ Man can break 2 hrs 30 min for a marathon!” “Really? Who would claim such ‘nonsense’ these days? This was the often-mentioned and often-proved claim made by New Zealand’s late, great running coach Arthur Lydiard. I know, because … Continue reading

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